When you are recovering from surgery,

You deserve to be pampered.

Our warm, caring team will be there for you, round-the-clock, tending to your every need.

You deserve to be worry-free.

The members of our care team have years of post-surgical care experience. They have taken care of patients after every type of plastic surgery, from liposuction to labiaplasty to lip-lift, from breast reconstruction to browlift to facelift, and more.

You deserve to be in a healing space.

We will make sure you are safe, comfortable, and have everything you need, in a luxury guest room.

You and your surgeon.

Our team keeps in touch with your surgeon, ensuring they are aware of how you are doing and are closely involved with your care. They are available to your surgeon 24/7.


To make your stay extra comfortable, Palladium Aftercare’s amenities include:

  • sunny, modern, luxury accommodations
  • round-the-clock nursing care
  • high caregiver-to-patient ratio, usually 1:1 or 1:2

Let the healing begin!

Call us at 310-246-0011.

Email us at info@palladiumaftercare.com.